Wolverine Financial Corp is our in house premium financing company. We have the ability to finance premiums that Cameron M. Wilson & Associates writes, which gives us flexibility and the ability to work out better payment plans for our insureds.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our Wolverine Financial Corp. representatives:

8am - 4:45pm (Mon - Thu) | 8am - 4pm (Fri)

Things to Remember when financing a policy with Wolverine Financial:

  • Down payment must be in our office within 15 days of policy effective date in order to start a finance contract

  • Policy term must be at least 6 months

  • Endorsements are not automatically added to a finance contract

  • No policies that are 100% earned may be financed

  • Any return premium will be used to pay off the balance of the loan to WFC prior to any money being returned to an insured

  • Policies written through Cameron M. Wilson & Associates and financed through Wolverine Financial Corp. will be invoiced to the agency in order to show on the agency statement

  • Reinstatement notices on the WFC contract does not guarantee that the policy has been reinstated. Be sure to check with the underwriter to be sure the policy is in force

Finance Application

If you would like to get a finance quote for a customer, click here for an application.